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Hospitality is not an industry, it is a passion. In Casa Cozy Corner you feel the warm and personal hospitality of our family. If you don't want to spend your time in impersonal settings of hotels anymore, go for the cosy and charming atmosphere of our cozy place. A peaceful setting, a warm welcome, flowers on the table, freshly-brewed coffee and homemade buns at breakfast. We are always available for anything you need and makes you feel like home.


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Discover the charm of Casa Cozy Corner with a seductive blend of personal hospitality, architecture, landscape, culture and entertainment that offer unique local experiences around the world. we are in the city of Matanzas with a beautiful view of the bay.

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Casa Cozy Corner has its own unique touch; from the traditional to the modern, from the moderate to the luxurious, with the fresh breeze of the Caribbean Sea. In Matanzas you will find a wide variety of charming places to enjoy on the coast, beaches in the city, walks through the city center for your weekend getaway or an old farm in the countryside for nature lovers.

Traditional Local Experiences

Discover the charm of Casa Cozy Corner with a seductive blend of personal hospitality, architecture, landscape, culture and entertainment that offer unique local experiences around the world. we are in the city of Matanzas with a beautiful view of the bay.

Our Optional offers 

We can enjoy together a Wonderful Snorkeling Tour or an unforgettable diving adventure in the coral bottoms of the north coast of Matanzas, our beautiful city, adequate equipment and safety standards so that you feel good and fully enjoy the underwater world.

Don't worry if you've never gotten your feet wet before, our team will hold you... as quick as a snap fingers... you'll be breathing underwater... like a fish...  wow!



Matanzas was founded in 1693 asSan Carlos y San Severino de Matanzas. This followed a royal decree ("real cédula") issued on September 25, 1690, which decreed that the bay and port of Matanzas be settled by 30 families from theCanary Islands.

Matanzas was one of the regions that saw intensive development of sugar plantations during the colonial era. Consequently, many African slaves were imported to support the sugar industry, particularly during the first half of the nineteenth century. For example, in 1792 there were 1900 slaves in Matanzas, roughly 30% of its population. In 1817, the slave population of Matanzas had grown to 10,773, comprising nearly 50% of the overall population. By 1841, 53,331 slaves made up 62.7% of the population of Matanzas. Census figures for 1859 put the Matanzas slave population at 104,519. Matanzas was the site of several slave insurrections and plots, including the infamousEscaleraconspiracy (discovered in late 1843). Due to the high number of both slaves and, importantly, free Afro-Cubans in Matanzas, the retention of African traditions is especially strong there. In 1898, Matanzas became the location of the first action in theSpanish–American War. The city was bombarded by American Navy vessels on April 25, 1898, just after the beginning of the war.

Name origin

The name Matanzas means "massacre" and refers to a putative slaughter in 1510 at the port of the same name, in which 30 Spanish soldiers tried to cross one of the rivers to attack an aboriginal camp on the far shore. The Spanish soldiers had no boats, so they enlisted the help of nativefishermen. However, once they reached the middle of the river, the fishermen flipped the boats, and due to the Spanish soldiers' heavy metal armor, most of them drowned. Only two women—one said to be the beautiful María de Estrada—survived, the result of being taken by a Cacique. De Estrada is said to have later escaped the "power of the Cacique" and married Pedro Sánchez Farfán in the city of Trinidad. According to municipal historian Arnaldo Jimenez de la Cal, "it was the first act of rebellion of natives in Cuba."


Matanzas is the second largest province in Cuba after that of Havana and one of the most important due to it contribution towards the economic development of the island. It is located in western Cuba, and apart from the highlands in the northwest and center of the province, the entire surface of Matanzas is flat. Due to its tropical weather throughout most of the year, it attracts lots of tourists looking for some sun and the beach, so it’s a good thing Matanzas boasts one of the most precious jewels of Cuba, the beach town Varadero. Nevertheless, Matanzas is full of hidden treasures, so it’s not only the beach that are worth finding. It is an area of great contrast, so experienced travellers will love its beauty and diversity. Under the wonderful light of the Caribbean sun you can contemplate its variety of greens, the range of colors of its more than 920 types of flowers and the many fish in its hot waters. If spring existed in the Tropic, this would be the perfect example.

For some time, Matanzas stood out in most sectors, benefitting Cuba by developing in developing in many areas: energy, industry, livestock, farming, etc. Matanzas was especially important in the port sector and sugarcane cultivation. When the establishment of the latter began, they brought the largest amount of slaves ever recorded to the area.

This mix of black and white people produced as a result the current heritage of Matanzas; not only physically, but also the heat of Africa. Thus, from the sound of drums, the rumba was born in Matanzas, the first national dance of Cuba. Nowadays it is still a very popular dance there. The Rumbero Festival takes place annually in the Sauto Theater, in the capital city of the province, and is one of the most important shows in Matanzas.

The jewel of Matanzas is the sparkling city of Varadero, with its endless beaches, grandiose resorts and luxurious lifestyle. Apart from these, Matanzas also has a lot of other nice places worth visiting.

If you prefer something more authentic, that better reflects the society, and experience something with more of an original Cuban flavour, Matanzas is a great choice. It has decadent but charming Neoclassical-style Colonial buildings. Catholic churches, a theater and several museums are some examples of these types of constructions.

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Since 2010, Casa Cozy Corner has shown thousands of guests the great city Matanzas and the different landscapes of Cuba in an eco-friendly, health-conscious way: through guided scuba diving, snorkelling nearby Varadero  tours all across Cuba.